147.540 simplex 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. Pacific time

2 Meter simplex FM operating characteristics make "The Fifth Wednesday contest" a unique experience. Most of the time it is not so much a contest as an opportunity to see how far we can communicate with our 2 meter FM equipment. It is also an opportunity for on-air socialization. You do NOT have to be an OTVARC member to participate.

Stations making contacts exchange callsign, power class, ZIP code, and name.

Glorious awards suitable for mounting will be presented at the next OTVARC meeting.

Classes of stations:
A High power
B 5 watts or less
C 1 Watt or less
D 400 mWatt or less
E 200 mWatt or less

OTVARC 5th Wednesday Contest Sumbission

Please email with your results in a plain text message.
No spreadsheets or word processor files, just plain text PLEASE. If you can't send an email try dictating it to WA7KGX after the contest hour finishes. Entries are due one week after the contest.

Please state the Subject as:

Subject: OTVARC 5th Wednesday results for WX7XXX January 29th

For each contact include:
Time in minutes past the hour
Station contacted
Class of station contacted
ZIP CODE of station contacted
Name of operator of station contacted
Comments (if any)

Your information: Name Call ZIPCODE
Maximum power you used during this contest
Your location (N45.xxxxx w122.xxxxx) is requested.
Interesting information on antenna(s) and power measurement optional.

One point for each contact, two for each KF7 or KG7 contacted.
Multiply by the number of different zip codes contacted
Multiply according to the power class YOU used:
A 1
B 2
C 3
D 4
E 5

In addition, one or two awards may be given based on a new, arbitrary, whimsical and/or outrageous scoring alogrithm.
05 wa7kgx c 97231 Chuck weak but readable

Updated May 11, 2014